7 Ways to Show Your Feelings with Candy

Show your feelings with candy


What better way to show someone how you feel than with a sweet surprise? There are infinite ways you can use candy creatively and uniquely to tell someone how you feel about them. Here are 7 ways to use sugary decadence to show your feelings with candy and let the people in your life know just how much they mean to you.


1. Romance

chocolate shells

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Chocolates are the most popular gift between couples for many reasons. The majority of both men and women say that they would prefer a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day over any other candy. Dark chocolate is actually healthy due to the antioxidants. It is also an aphrodisiac, making it the number one sugary temptation for couples. While a box of chocolates is almost a sure win, you can also get creative with it for a romantic endeavor both partners will remember for years to come.

Make a card using chocolate candy bars in place of words, for example: "I wish you Mounds of Almond Joy both Now n' Later as you eat this card." If you have just entered a relationship you could make something that said: "May I Kiss you?" Placing a Hershey's Kiss where the word would be.


2. Appreciation

extra gum

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Candy isn't just for romantic relationships. If you have someone in your life that has always been there for you, get creative when telling them how much they mean. You can also use it to reward an employee who rises up to the challenges in the work place. Use a pack of EXTRA gum in any of their dessert flavors with a note saying: "You work EXTRA hard, you deserve dessert." Or you could say "Mounds of thanks for all you Dew" with a Mounds candy bar and Mountain Dew.

Do you have a best friend who has been there for you through thick and thin? Get them a Reese's Peanut Butter cup and say: "Like chocolate and peanut butter, we're better when we're together." Get creative and think up your own unique phrase for the person who is important in your life.


3. Weddings

jolly ranchers candy

Image via Flickr by Jo Naylor

Offer your guests a sweet reward for taking the time to celebrate with you on your big day. Have a variety of candy to present so that everyone has something to enjoy. You can even pick out flavors to match your colors for an edible decoration. Put signs in front of your displays to let the guests know what each one is.

For instance, you can have a bowl of Jolly Ranchers that co-ordinate with your colors and a sign that says: "We are so Jolly you could be with us today".If you're attending a wedding, give the Bride and groom a wedding themed gift box with Hershey's Kisses or chocolate gold coins inside for good luck.


4. Friends or More than Friends

candy hearts

Image via Flickr by barbtrek

Conversation Hearts are a great gift to give a friend because they have so many sayings. You can use them to say "thank you", "you're the best," "keep in touch," and a world more. You can find boxes of conversation hearts to say just about anything. You can even use them to tell someone you want more than friendship.

A box of hearts makes a unique way to say goodbye too. If you know someone who is moving away or a kid who is leaving for college, you'll miss them and it might be fun and memorable to show your feelings with candy. A simple little candy treat says a mouthful of words and a heart full of feelings in a creative fashion.


5. Showers and Events

ring pop candy

Image via Flickr by Elizabeth Albert

Bridal showers, baby showers, and charity events open up so many perfect candy-giving opportunities. For a bridal shower, you can give your guests a ring pop as part of their party favors to say thank you, or you can give the bride a ring pop as a silly way to say congrats.

Pick out gender appropriate candy for decor at your baby shower like pink M&Ms or blue Tootsie Rolls. You can also mix in Cry Baby gum to add variety.Depending on the event, you can use candy to hand out at your booth to raise awareness for your cause or business.

For instance, if the charity or booth you're working is to support breast cancer awareness you can hand out Sour Punch candy with a sign saying: "Work with us to knock out breast cancer!" If it's for a business, get creative with the name and come up with cheeky puns using candy.


6. Teachers and Bosses

Nerds Candy

Image via Flickr by _e.t.

Giving candy to teachers and bosses is a sweet gesture and you can do it for any occasion. Did someone get promoted? Hand them a card that says: "You deserve a raise!" and present to them chocolate covered raisins. If you're a boss and your employees have worked extra hard, give them a treat like a Payday candy bar. Is it a teacher's birthday? Tell them how much you enjoy their class with a box of Nerds. Did they win an award? Show your feelings with candy. Tell them that they are out of this world with a Milky Way or a Mars candy bar.

7. Classroom Activities

MMs candy

Image via Flickr by DaveOnFlickr

What's one of the best ways to get a kid's attention? Candy. Bringing in a little something sweet is the perfect way to show your kids you care, and teach them something valuable. Use M&Ms to teach them about Asian cultures and how to use chopsticks. Hand out Swedish Fish as you discuss European History.

Present Pop Rocks in science class as they learn about chemical reactions. Try Skittles for math and use the colors to teach about addition and subtraction. The possibilities are endless, and candy is always a hit in any grade level.No matter how you're feeling, whether its love, appreciation, pride, happiness, or more, you can always find a funny and creative way to use candy for a moment they'll never forget.

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