5 Valentine's Day Candygrams You Can Make at Home

Love is in the air, which means Valentine's Day is around the corner yet again! If you love crafting and showing the people closest to you that you care, here are a few of our favorite DIY Valentine's Day candygrams you can make at home with your kids.   I Dig You Candy Valentines This craft diverts from the typical 2D Valentine's Day card and incorporates a lovely pun and yummy candy! This particular craft was created by someone on Etsy, but you could easily replicate this at home with some cellophane bags, toy shovels, custom made labels, and pink,...

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Want to Lose Weight This Year? Eat Candy.

Diets aren't something people particularly enjoy because they mean you have to give up what you love. And to make it worse, research has shown that 95 percent of people who give up what they love and go on so-called "deprivation diets" bounce back to their pre-diet weight within two years. In short, deprivation diets don't work! That's because instead of making sustainable changes to your meal prepping, grocery shopping, and snacking habits, most people cut out certain foods entirely and that's just not something that works in the long-run. What's been proven to be much more effective to...

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10 Creative DIY Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Adults

Stocking stuffers can be somewhat of an afterthought. After all, most people spend their time shopping for what goes under the tree-not what hangs on the mantle. But instead of letting stockings fall by the wayside, we have some great DIY ideas for you to whip up cheaply and quickly at home for the men, women, and children in your life. Stocking Stuffers for Women Candy Cane Sugar Scrub After a long holiday, it's nice to relax! Give your special girls this homemade peppermint sugar scrub so they can take a load off. We love how this crafter wrapped the...

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10 Ways To Cook & Decorate With Candy this Thanksgiving - Turkey Cake FTW!

Thanksgiving is all about indulging in everything we love before the long winter sets in. It's also (quite obviously) about sharing and remembering what we're thankful for. Lucky for you, we've rounded up some of the best Thanksgiving dessert recipes to combine two of your favorite things: sweets and candy. Get cooking this holiday with these yummy ideas. Reese's Peanut Butter Turkeys Turkeys are at the center of the Thanksgiving meal, but they don't have to stop there. Transition your turkey-themed Thanksgiving to dessert by making these adorable and delicious Reese's Pieces and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, turkey candies.

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Make These Amazing Ocean Animal Desserts to Celebrate World Oceans Day

  The ocean takes up 70% of earth's surface. In it, millions of species spend their lives swimming, crawling, and exploring its depths. World Ocean Day is meant to call attention to these creatures and the oceans that are so vital to the health of our world. Teach your friends and family something about respecting the ocean and nature by making these World Oceans Day recipes. Catch of the Day Snack Plate Have little ones at home? Take them on a trip under the sea by revolutionizing snack time. Kiwis, grapes, strawberries, mango, and dragonfruit can all be transformed into...

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