5 Valentine's Day Candygrams You Can Make at Home

Love is in the air, which means Valentine's Day is around the corner yet again! If you love crafting and showing the people closest to you that you care, here are a few of our favorite DIY Valentine's Day candygrams you can make at home with your kids.


I Dig You Candy Valentines

This craft diverts from the typical 2D Valentine's Day card and incorporates a lovely pun and yummy candy! This particular craft was created by someone on Etsy, but you could easily replicate this at home with some cellophane bags, toy shovels, custom made labels, and pink, white, and red candies of your choice.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids 

 If your kid is giving these Valentine's out this year, add names to the name tags to make sure you remember everyone in class! Also feel free to make these smaller, so they're more kid-friendly and bite sized.


My Love Blooms For You Valentines

Show everyone around you how their love makes you feel alive with these beautiful candy flower heart Valentines. All you'll need for this craft is a little tape, scissors, and lollipops. Have your kids help put these together and write the names of all their friends on the petals for a custom look.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids


If your kids are helping out with this craft, remember to handle the scissors and let them do the rest! Also, feel free to customize the colors, flavors, and messages to whatever makes your heart skip a beat.


My Heart is Aflutter For You Valentines

Chocolate is a seriously popular choice on Valentine's Day, which is why we love these homemade chocolate butterfly Valentine's Day cards! Gather pipe cleaners, glue, googley eyes, clothes pins, sandwich bags, and a mixed assortment of M&Ms to get this look.

Valentines day cards for kids


We think these butterfly Valentine's Day treats are cute enough on their own, but clip a personalized message onto the clothes pin for a more sentimental and romantic gesture. What you say is up to you!


Words Don't Cut it Valentines

Some people prefer to show how they feel instead of explaining it-that's why we love these emoji Valentines! Draw your favorite emojis or print them off of the internet and then tape your favorite candy onto the card. Here's a tip: use heavy card stock, so your Valentines stand up to being lugged to school and shoved in a backpack.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids Valentine's card emojis


Choose from wrapped candy to make these Valentines so they don't pick up any germs along the way. We think chocolate hearts and red and white striped mints would be the perfect additions to your homemade Valentine's Day cards.


Message in a Bottle Valentines

If you have little ones at home and don't mind lending a helping hand to make some very special Valentine's Day cards, try these mason jars! Besides painting the heart, they're actually pretty simple to make. Just pick your favorite candy, fill the bottle, and finish with ribbon and a card.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids

We're feeling pretty amorous just looking at all of these homemade Valentines Day candygrams. If you have lots of love to spread on February 14, get busy making these today! And if you need to stock up on sweets for everyone you're sweet on in your own life, find all your favorite Valentine's Day candy on CandyDirect.com!

Valentine's Day crafts for kids

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