Bottle Caps Rolls - 24ct

Bottle Caps Rolls - 24ct
  • $52.99

Bottle Caps candy are a favorite treat manufactured by the Willy Wonka brand. If you love retro candy, then this is a must-have in your pantry. Our Bottle Caps include individual rolls that are equal to a full size candy bar.Each box contains a generous number of individual rolls so you have many to share. Use them as stocking stuffers, Halloween candy or Easter basket candy. You can also use them to add more to treat bags for birthday parties and other kid-friendly events.Bottle Caps are a tablet candy with a tart taste. They are designed to look like a traditional metal soda pop bottle cap. Each tube includes all your favorite original flavors, like orange, cola, root beer, cherry and grape. Enjoy as a snack, open up a tube and use them to decorate cakes and cookies or give them out as a sweet gift to guests, coworkers and anyone else you meet!

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