Gold Milk Chocolate Hearts - Foil Wrapped 10lb Bag

Gold Milk Chocolate Hearts - Foil Wrapped 10lb Bag
  • $125.99

Whether you are planning a 1970s disco-themed party or hosting a black tie event, these Gold Milk Chocolate Hearts will fit right in. They can mingle with other heart-shaped candy on Valentine's Day or act as a nice complement to red, green, and silver treats at Christmas.Their shiny gold foil wrapper makes them dazzling enough for a princess-themed kids' birthday party, but they can also be used for a pot of gold for a pirate-themed party or St. Patrick's Day event. Of course, you can just pour them in a candy dish to keep all to yourself.You already know the exterior is showy, but it is what's inside that really counts. You might not want to destroy the pretty foil of these Gold Milk Chocolate Hearts, but do it anyway. Pop it in your mouth and let the creamy milk chocolate melt on your tongue. The decadent flavor will have you hooked within seconds.

SKU: ND-27451

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