Chuckles Candy 2oz - 24ct

  • $57.99

Appropriately named, this Chuckles Candy will have you and your friends laughing and giggling after the first juicy, delicious bite. These fun-filled jelly candies come with several bright colors and fruity flavors in each pack to offer variety and new taste sensations with every bite.A classic that's been around for decades, these popular treats are great to stuff in trick or treat bags or slip into your kids' Easter baskets. They're also perfect to have on hand at children's birthday parties or to use as filling for a birthday piñata. No one can deny how sweet and chewy these jelly Chuckles candies are, and you will definitely please the whole crowd when you bring these delightful snacks to your next big event. Stock up because these Chuckles jelly candies will surely go fast!


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