Glitterati Fruit & Berry Mints - 1.75lb

  • $28.99

Glitterati Fruit & Berry Mints come in a tantalizing assortment of blackberry, pear and strawberry, tangy orange and lemon flavors. Plus, in shiny and metallic wrappers ranging from purple to red to green to yellow, these mints sure make a statement whenever they're brought out to be snacked on.Order some Glitterati Fruit & Berry Mints to add an element of beauty and drama to your next dinner party. Instead of offering plain mints, add some of these Glitterati Fruit & Berry Mints to dessert tray platters to wow your guests with what good taste you have. You may even set out a dish in guest bedrooms for a lux feel and look or to candy dishes for guests and family member to enjoy whenever they come and go.

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