Green Apple Gummi Bears - 5lb

Green Apple Gummi Bears - 5lb
  • $16.99

Why did the teddy bear skip dessert? Because he was "stuffed!" We're positive you won't want to skip dessert with these amazing Green Apple Gummi Bears on the menu. Their neon, slightly translucent green hue is as much a treat for your eyeballs as a treat for your tongue! These little gummis are great for a number of occasions because of their bright, popular green apple flavor and bite sized chewy goodness.Bring some of these to a birthday party for a little boy or girl and watch the whole party enjoy chowing down on these loveable bears. Add some of these to a make your own sundae bar for a chewy treat on top of cold, melty ice cream. Even wrap some of these little bears up in individual baggies to give out as party favors for your friends and family. With five pounds of these loveable bears, you'll have a whole forest full of flavor to enjoy.

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