Concord Grape Gummi Bears - 5lb

Concord Grape Gummi Bears - 5lb
  • $17.99

Sonoma Valley can have their wine grapes, because we have something better: Concord Grape Gummi Bears! Stomp these into oblivion with your teeth as you chow down on their luscious grape flavor and coveted, chewy gummy texture. In a vibrant, deep purple, your eyes will bug out as the beautiful bears march closer to your mouth.Have a friend who is obsessed with purple and gummy candy? Want to surprise your little ones with a purple and delicious surprise? Have a purple themed party coming up that you need a delicious candy for? Look no further. These Concord Grape Gummi bears are de-vine and will have you chomping on delicious grape flavor for hours. They also work well as cocktail or virgin drink garnishes and packed away in a lunchbox! With this five pound bag packed with over 145 bears per pound, you can snack until your heart is content!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping.

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