Green Apple Gummi Rings - 4.5lb

Green Apple Gummi Rings - 4.5lb
  • $23.99

When you snack on these Apple Gummi Rings, you can tell your doctor you really do eat an apple a day without crossing your fingers behind your back or wondering if your nose is growing.If you love the tart taste of green applies, you will adore these Apple Gummi Rings. They are just sour enough to grab your attention, but sweet enough to satisfy a sugar craving. The sour sanded sugar that coats them is the icing on the cake.You will have a hard time finding a more appropriate candy for a St. Patrick's Day party, and when accompanied with red candy they are ideal for Christmas. Hand them out at kids parties and they will become rings to wear and munch on.All you planning a baby shower for someone who insists being surprised? Green is the new yellow for these events. These Apple Gummi Rings are fat-free and only about 20 calories a piece, so you don't have to feel as guilty about snacking on items.

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