Haribo Gummy Fruit Salad - 5lb

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Haribo gummy fruit salad takes a refreshing dish and makes it a sweet confection you can enjoy anywhere! If you like having options, this assortment will give you all the variety you need each time you sit down for a snack.Haribo gummy fruit salad includes colorful fruit shaped pieces I orange, yellow, green, red and white. Eat them one at a time or combine two or three to make your own custom fruit blend! Each chewy fruit gummy is covered in a dusting of sugar. This enhances the taste and gives each a delightful texture. Bulk gummy fruit salad is a wonderful choice for events and parties.Pour in a bowl to serve guests or use them to fill treat bags or wedding favors. They can also be used to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more! Our Haribo fruit salad gummies will never over ripen and will always be ready to pamper your tongue with sweet, fruity flavor!

SKU: ND-665

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