Haribo Mini Frogs - Assorted Colors 5lb

  • $20.99

Haribo mini frog gummies are sweet, adorable and fun to eat! These charming little hoppers taste great and are a popular choice for children and nature enthusiasts.Each amphibian gummy includes an overhead view of a resting frog, with detailed back, little legs and a handsomely pointed nose. The top half comes in an assortment of brilliant colors, including classic green, yellow, orange and red. The bottom is pure white. Frog gummies are perfect for any occasion!Pour them into a decorative bowl to serve to guests during a birthday party, picnic or holiday event. They are a perfect choice for animal or aquatic the party themes and will be a big hit at school activities and community events.You can even use them to fill party favors and candy gift baskets or sprinkle on cupcakes and cakes! Anytime is a great time to sink your teeth into our wriggling little Haribo frog gummies!

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