Haribo Strawberries - 5lb

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Place a juicy bowl of these on a table at your party or special event and your guests will be fooled into thinking they are digging into a bowl of real strawberries! These authentic-looking Haribo Strawberries are deep red in color with a pretty green stem. The shiny gummies look just like sweet, juicy strawberries and taste as good as they look. Candy lovers will adore the fruity flavor and charming appearance of these gummy treats.These are a festive treat to serve at springtime or summer events including birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, picnics, and even wedding receptions. You can fill a pretty basket full of these Haribo Strawberry gummies and decorate it with a matching bow or ribbon to create a beautiful, tasty centerpiece for your dessert table or for each guest table. Or serve strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake, or strawberry cake and garnish each guest's dessert plate with a few lovely gummy strawberries.

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