Cricket Pops Sugar Free - Hotlix 36ct

  • $132.99

Truth or dare? I dare you to eat this cricket! That's the kind of party game you can play when you bring these fun and festive Hotlix Cricket Pops to your next party! They feature a fruity-flavored lollipop that quick gives way to a real insect in the middle!You'll quickly see who has a sense of adventure and who is a scaredy cat with this test of wills. These fun party favors will add excitement to any event, whether it's for kids or adults. If you're known as the jokester of your group, this candy is for you.You'll love seeing the surprised look on people's faces when they notice the cricket inside their lollipops, and some might not even notice until it's too late! These will provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends. Use them whenever an occasion presents itself, whether you're making them gag gifts or party favors.

SKU: ND-1993

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