Jelly Belly Pet Gator - 12ct Display Box

Jelly Belly Pet Gator - 12ct Display Box
  • $46.99

Take a bite out of the Jelly Belly Pet Gator and you will have a taste of the wild. These individually-wrapped gummy treats take the shape of a crocodile or alligator. Its shape makes it the best treat for Safari-themed birthday parties.Children who would someday want to be adventurous will surely love these gummy treats. One gator candy has all the three flavorful mixes in it which include the lemon lime, cherry lime and cherry lemon lime. Each Pet Gator is approximately nine inches long and three ounces in weight. It is tiny compared to real life alligators but big in flavors.They look fun, and they actually give the children so many reasons to laugh but their tastiness are no joke. This treat is enclosed in display box of twelve. We might not get to have a good bite at the real crocodiles but at least we start with these delicious miniatures.

SKU: ND-G5230

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