Jelly Belly Pet Rats - 12ct Display Box

Jelly Belly Pet Rats - 12ct Display Box
  • $46.99

Give your friends a scary treat by letting them have a taste of the Jelly Belly Pet Rats. These candies are in the shape of rats, but in its very delicious form.These individually-wrapped gummy rats are more than perfect for Halloween trick-or-treat. They may look real rats, but they sure are delectable. Not only that, they are very healthy too! Its Vitamin C content makes it perfect for kids who love to munch candies.They are popular among school children who like to have fun by scaring their fastidious friends and schoolmates. They are perhaps the best candies to hand out to trick-or-treaters during Halloween.Twelve of these individually-wrapped gummy rats are enclosed in a display box. Kids will love it, but parents will surely adore these as they are perfect candies for playtime with their kids. If you love a good and tasty scare, these candies are just the right ones for you.

SKU: ND-G5149

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