Orange Tangerine Fruit Sours - 5lb

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Get a burst of citrus flavor when you bite into these juicy, tart Tangerine Fruit Sours. This scrumptious candy has a glistening bright orange candy coating and tangy tangerine flavor you won't soon forget. Kids and adults will both delight at the taste of these Tangerine Fruit Sours, and their vibrant color will brighten any room.Ice cream shops can offer these little round gems as a special topping for a delicious bowl of ice cream, or any event that features a decadent candy buffet can add these sour candies to the array of candy treats. A bowl of the bright orange tangerine candies will look stunning on any table, or if you decide to showcase these at a shower, birthday party, or wedding reception, they will add cheer to every guest table when placed as a party favor at each table setting. Don't miss out on these tart citrus candy jewels!Fruit Sours are no longer made by Judson-Atkinson. Sweetworks.

SKU: ND-27333

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