Green Apple Fruit Sours - 5lb

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Green Apple Fruit Sours will help you perfect your pucker face. We're not saying they will make you cry, but if your eyes tear up a little, don't say we didn't warn you.Anyone who loves sour candy should have a jar of these handy to snack on. They literally taste like you are biting into a fresh, juicy green apple. Although they look like jawbreakers, these are actually soft, chewy sweets with a hard candy shell.Green Apple Fruit Sours are an absolute must for St. Patrick's Day, and of course, you can mix them with red candies for your holiday celebrations. Are you a Green Bay Packers or Michigan State fan?Make sure you have these handy when you invite everyone over to watch the big game. Is your child having a dinosaur-themed birthday party? These should fit right in. They are the perfect blend of sweet and sour to keep you smiling all day. They are also made in the USA, kosher-certified, and totally fat-free!

SKU: ND-27326

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