Wild Berry Fruit Sours - 5lb

  • $37.99

What's blue, chewy, and sour all over? Our amazingly tart Wild Berry Fruit Sours! With a glossy blue shell packed with a huge flavor of blue raspberry tartness and a chewy center, these little candies have become a crowd favorite. Fill a glass jar and set them out in your kitchen for a beautiful and delicious snack that you can have on the go.Sprinkle them in with red and white candies to make a Fourth of July celebration even more patriotic and delicious. Bring some home for a Father's Day event that dads will love. Or even stock up on some to use as candy dish fillers and sweet tooth enablers. Whatever you do with these candies, you'll love the tart pucker power followed by a chewy and sweet candy interior. With 155 pieces per pound and five pounds in every order, get ready for a tang that won't quit!

SKU: ND-27336

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