Licorice Cats - 2.2lb

  • $58.99

Cat lovers will adore these delicious Licorice Cat candies. Molded into the shape of a sweet-looking kitty, these licorice treats are a great snack to serve at Halloween parties and events where you want to festive food to add to the ambiance and decor.You can also include these yummy licorice candies when planning your child's birthday party if they are a big fan of cats or licorice sweets. Leave bowls of them on the tables for little hands to dig into when they arrive at the party, or include the treats in little prize packs that you hand out as rewards for winners of any birthday games that they play. You can even use these fancy licorice candies as a cute topper for cupcakes or cakes if your party theme features cats or has a color scheme that includes black. The stylish candies would work well for both formal and informal occasions.

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