Lavender Peeps Marsmallow Chicks 10-pc - 36ct Boxes

Lavender Peeps Marsmallow Chicks 10-pc - 36ct Boxes
  • $29.99

Marshmallow Peeps in Lavender are such a lovely adaptation to their classic yellow predecessors. These fluffy, puffy and adorable little chick-shaped marshmallows are coated in a covering of crisp sugar crystals—making them crunchy and chewy! Plus, in their light lavender coloring they're absolutely gorgeous.Make Easter even more spectacular when you bring home these Marshmallow Peeps in Lavender. You can mix and match them with their traditional yellow Peeps counterparts or serve them on their own. Tuck a few Marshmallow Peeps in Lavender in between sweets on a dessert platter, add some to plastic Easter eggs that little ones are going to hunt for, or wrap up a package of Marshmallow Peeps in Lavender and stick them in Easter baskets for a tasty and pretty surprise.

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