Party Mints Peppermint - 10lb

Party Mints Peppermint - 10lb
  • $58.99

Zzzzzz. Rest your weary mouths upon these assorted Party Pillow Mints and give them a relaxing escape to a minty dreamland. These chalky, pastel mints are incredibly light and will delicately melt on your tongue as soon as you close your mouth. Bring some home to serve to visitors after hosting dinner parties.

Enjoy these mints in candy dishes around your house whenever you're in need of a delicious retreat to a minty paradise. Even make up a few bags of these and keep them in your purse when you need to wake up your mouth and mind on a low energy afternoon. With four pounds of these fluffy, pastel pillows of amazing flavor you'll have a ton of minty snacks to look forward to. You'll dream sweet dreams every time you indulge in one of these delicious pastel mints.

SKU: ND-43748

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