Red Vines - Red Twists 160ct Tub

Red Vines - Red Twists 160ct Tub
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The candy world is full of licorice, but Red Vines Red Twists tend to be a popular favorite for a long list of reasons. First, the flavor of these old-school candies is pretty delicious.They will take you back to your childhood with just one bite. Red Vines Red Twists inspire theater memories back nearly 90 years. Chances are good, you shared some laughs with friends over these treats.Red Vines uses a three-day batch process, a time-honored tradition that ensures its flavor and quality. These candies are certified kosher, fat-free, and have absolutely no preservatives. Plus, five pieces are only 140 calories.As for flavor, let's just say there is a reason why this is Western America's top non-chocolate candy brand and one of the top two licorice brands in the entire country. These Red Vines Red Twists are the perfect snack for any occasion for folks of any age. They are a must for camping and road trips, as well!

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