Sour Punch Twists Assorted - Wrapped 195ct Tub

Sour Punch Twists Assorted - Wrapped 195ct Tub
  • $25.99

Jab. Uppercut. Round House Kick. These Sour Punch Twists Assorted Wrapped Candies will karate chop your taste buds with their tart and fruity flavor.But don't worry, we think it's a fight you'll want to have because these candies are so delicious! In a variety of flavors and colors, these sour little suckers will keep your mouth awake every time you snack. Stock up on some of these to stuff into a piñata, give away as party favors, add to your little one's lunch box for a delicious and tangy snack time treat, or even keep them around the house if you love sour candy. Whatever you do, you'll love the punch of flavor these candies pack.

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