Red Vines Red Twists - 24ct

Red Vines Red Twists - 24ct
  • $34.99

Candy just does not get any more classic than this! Yes, these are the same delicious treats that you enjoyed as a child, but they may taste a little different, if you last ate them in the early 1900s. Before then, they were raspberry-flavored, but have gone unchanged since 1952.This pack of Red Vines Red Twists is a big supply at a low price. Keep them around the house or in your desk drawer at work for snacking, or use them as fun straws at a kids' birthday party. They can even make a glass of water exciting.Red Vines Red Twists are bursting with flavor, but completely fat-free. They are made in small batches without preservatives to ensure that each piece is a delicious, rewarding treat. This is the perfect companion to family movie night! Of course, they are also ideal to sneak into the theater with you or enjoy at the drive-in on date night.

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