Skittles Tropical - 36ct

Skittles Tropical - 36ct
  • $75.99

Fruit flavored Skittles are a popular confection found in grocery stores and candy shops all over the country. If you love the juicy taste of original Skittles, then feast your eyes (and your taste buds) on Tropical Skittles!This version features the brightly colored candies you love in even more exotic flavors. Sink your teeth into chewy kiwi lime, banana berry, pineapple passion fruit, strawberry star fruit or mango tangelo!Our bulk Tropical Skittles is the easiest way to get more of the candy you love! Each package contains a generous number of individual bags. Keep them at home or the office so you have an easy snack to calm sudden sweet cravings.Tropical Skittles are also a great choice for birthday party treat bags. Give them out during Halloween or use them to stuff stockings at Christmas. Candy lovers of all ages will savor the exotic flavors that make Skittles Tropical candy so delicious!

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