Blue Tiny Tesla Twist Pops - 48ct

Blue Tiny Tesla Twist Pops - 48ct
  • $13.99

If you are looking for a unique, memorable candy treat to add style and pizzazz to your candy buffet, wedding reception, wedding shower, or baby shower, these striking Blue Tiny Tesla Twist Pops will be the perfect addition to your event. These eye-catching shiny blue and white long swirl lollipops will add flair to your decor and make the room more whimsical and festive.They are the ideal addition to any candy centerpiece, and the mouth-watering Tiny Tesla Twist Pops are sure to draw party guests to them and leave children and adults alike asking for more. They even make a fun filler for piñatas or are the perfect prize for contests at children's birthday parties. Offer these indulgent candy lollipops at your next special event and they are likely to be the most popular item on the menu.

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