Hot Pink Sixlets - Bulk 12lb

Hot Pink Sixlets - Bulk 12lb
  • $82.99

Hot Pink Sixlets may have a sweet taste, but their appearance is definitely sassy. Put these bright-colored candies on any buffet and it will be as if nothing else exists.They literally jump out at you while you are walking by. The vibrant color of these petite sphere-shaped candies is ideal for a little princess' birthday party. Pour them in a bowl or top cupcakes or ice-cream with them.Mix them with red cinnamon candies at Valentine's Day, pour them in Easter baskets, and add a little pizazz to your New Years' Eve candy buffet with them.The color of these Hot Pink Sixlets will lure you in, but it's the malted taste that will have your hand glued to the candy dish. Beneath the pretty candy-coated crunchy shell, you will find a creamy cocoa and carob center. Hot Pink Sixlets are kosher-free, totally satisfying, and the perfect size for snacking.

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