Squiggly Pops Pink & White Lollipops - 48ct

Squiggly Pops Pink & White Lollipops - 48ct
  • $14.99

Wriggly. Squirmy. These Pink and White Squiggly Pops just can't seem to hold still long enough for us to take a look before we take a bite of their delicious fruity flavor! With pink and white squiggles on a white lollipop stick, these suckers are a beautiful site to see and a delicious candy to eat!These lollipops make a great addition to a little girl's birthday party because of their fun energy and yummy flavor. They also can be added to a candy bouquet for a girly pop of color and unique feel. Or even bring them to a celebration for the birth of a baby girl or bachelorette party. With 48 pieces per order, you'll have a lot of wriggling and squiggling to enjoy! Get your bag of these amazing Pink and White Squiggly Pops today and your taste buds will swerve, reel, and wiggle around these fun pops!

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