Red Heart Twinkle Pops - 120ct

  • $47.99

Red heart Twinkle pops are a great way to say "you're sweet!". These charming little lollies are very tasty and feature a playful design that is perfect for many occasions. Use them to create a gorgeous do-it-yourself candy arrangement for Valentine's Day or place them in treat bags to give out at the end of a birthday party.The heart is often associated with love and affection. These red lollipops are perfect for sharing the love and giving someone you care about a delicious gift to eat! Each red heart lollipop features a delectable strawberry vanilla flavor.They arrive individually wrapped with a disposable white stick that makes it easy to enjoy your lolly without getting sticky hands! Each measures approximately 12-inches long (with stick). Our bulk heart lollipop pack gives you many tasty treats to share or enjoy at home anytime you need a fruity fix. Try red heart Twinkle Pops at your next event and pamper your guests with a fruit lollipop that they'll absolutely love!

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