Black Licorice Red Vines Twists - 24ct

  • $78.99

Black Red Vines licorice twists are the ultimate licorice treat. Red Vines is an old school brand that makes candy like these black licorice twists that remains popular through the ages.

Red Vines Black Twists are a black double helix of tasty licorice flavor. In their classic licorice rope form and in individual bags, these tasty candies with keep you chewing for hours and hours.Order some Red Vines Black Twists if you're a fan of the chew and flavor licorice is famous for. This bulk supply will provide you with enough candy to share with friends and family and keep all to yourself. Stuff some of these Red Vines Black Twists into gift baskets for friends if you need one more sweet gift idea or pack them into stockings on Christmas or birthday packages for loved ones. These Red Vines Black Twists are perfect no matter how you eat them!

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