Squiggly Pops Blue & White Lollipops - 48ct

Squiggly Pops Blue & White Lollipops - 48ct
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When most people think of an old time candy shop, one of the first confections they envision is the big, round lollipop. Our blue and white Squiggly pops offer that same classic look in a modern treat that's fun to eat!Each lolly consist of a generous length of delicious hard candy that's coiled and flattened to create a broad disc on a stick. Bulk lollipops are a great way to get the quantities you need for big events. Dress up tables at a reception or use our lollipops to fill wedding favors with a blue color scheme.They are also a must-have at baby showers and birthdays! Simply unwrap the candy and prepare to enjoy super sweet, long lasting flavor. Our Squiggly lollipops also come in green, yellow, purple and pink so you can match them up to any special occasion or holiday!Whether you're filling Easter baskets, planning an after school activity or looking for a quick go-to snack, our tasty Squiggly lollipops are a must-try!

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