Puffy Poles Marshmallow Twists Blue - 2.2lb

Puffy Poles Marshmallow Twists Blue - 2.2lb
  • $16.99

If you already have a really hard time walking past the pantry in your kitchen without stopping for a handful of marshmallows just wait until you have these Puffy Poles Marshmallow Twists Blue treats in there.They will literally scream your name. They are sweet, fluffy, and fresh, and everything that you need to quiet an intense sugar craving. Of course, as you can guess it is not the delightful taste that makes these Blue Puffy Poles Marshmallow Twists a hot seller here at Candy Direct.The pale blue stripes that spiral around them make them an absolute must for a baby shower or kids' birthday party. They can accompany other pastel candies in your Easter baskets that you need to create or just fill a candy dish with them to display for no reason at all. They are even perfect to use as snow for a Christmas candy display.

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