Blue Raspberry Taffy - 3lb Bulk

Blue Raspberry Taffy - 3lb Bulk
  • $23.99

A beautiful accessory to a shower for a baby boy or a wedding reception featuring a powder blue color-theme, these Blue Raspberry Taffy candies feature a lovely pastel blue color and are individually wrapped in white wrappers to give them an elegant look. These candies are oh so chewy and have a scrumptious fruity raspberry flavor that is sure to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.Create a charming candy bowl centerpiece at your event's banquet tables when you fill a glass or crystal bowl with these baby blue treats. Or create a simple, fun shower game by filling a container with these taffy candies and asking guests to figure out how many candies are in the container. The winner gets a prize, and you can throw in the jar of candy too, or divvy it up among your guests after the game is over. The possibilities are endless with these Blue Raspberry Taffy treats.

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