Assorted Bubble Gum Balls 1/2-inch - 19lb Case

Assorted Bubble Gum Balls 1/2-inch - 19lb Case
  • $58.99

Blow some bubbles at your next party with these bulk Assorted Bubble Gum Balls from Dubble Bubble. Each piece comes in a 1/2-inch size with an assortment of bright, vibrant colors to match the array of delicious fruity flavors.These assorted gumballs are fun every step of the way, from looking at them in their perfectly round shape to chewing them while tasting their delicious flavors to blowing bubbles with them! Fill your home or business gumball machine with these small gum balls.Throw a bubble gum themed kids birthday party with these as decorations and favors. Use them to fill a jar as part of your adult party's candy bar. Use them as an ice cream topping option. Whatever you decide to do with these yummy and colorful gum balls, they'll make your party more bright and fun!

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