Laffy Taffy Assorted - 8.5lb Bulk

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This candy really tickles our funny bone! That's because these Laffy Taffy candies are some of the funniest sweets we know. Giggle and guffaw every time you take a bite of one of these chewy, sticky candies and unwrap the joke inside. Individually wrapped in an assortment of flavors including strawberry, grape, sour apple, and banana, you'll tire your taste buds out from the delicious chewiness and make your mouth tired from smiling so much.With 425 pieces of taffy per order, this bag truly is a "bagful of laughs!" Bring some of these to a birthday of a little boy or girl to give them a sweet and tart treat they'll love. Add some to a birthday piñata for an exciting surprise once it's bashed open. Even stock up on these for when guests come over or you're in need of a sweet that makes you laugh. Whatever you do, you'll be happy while you snack on these hilarious taffies.

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