Gummi Worms - 5lb

Gummi Worms - 5lb
  • $21.99

You can buy this type of chewy treat from a number of candy manufacturers, but these Gummi Worms are the Rolls Royce of "Gummi Land." Gummy candy is known to be weirdly awesome, totally flavorful, and super high-quality candy. One bite of these fresh, chewy, and tasty Gummi Worms and you will be hooked. Contrary to what some might think, these candies are not only for kids. Fill a dish at your next dinner with friends and see how fast they get devoured. If you are planning a kids' party, these are an absolute must. They are perfect to use in a "dirt cake." Having a Halloween party? Freeze these Gummi Worms in ice cubes, or just let them float around the punch bowl. They are fun to put on cupcakes, too!

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