Assorted Bubble Gum Balls 3/4-inch - 18.22lb Box

Assorted Bubble Gum Balls 3/4-inch - 18.22lb Box
  • $56.99

Fill your gumball machine with these mouth-watering, flavorful .75 inch assorted bubble gum balls from Dubble Bubble. The colorful gum balls come in various fruit flavors so you can find your favorite or enjoy them all at once.Pop them in your mouth for a delicious, chewy treat and see how many bubbles you can blow and how big they can get. You can find many unique uses for these pretty bubble gum balls. Employ them as toppings at ice cream parlors and kid-friendly restaurants, or include them in your party's candy buffet. Get creative when coming up with new contest ideas, and fill a jar with these gumballs and ask your guests to guess how many gum balls there are. The winner can take the prize and the gum balls as well for an added bonus!

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