Fruit Shakers Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct

Fruit Shakers Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct
  • $63.99

Liven up your day by chewing on Fruit Shakers bubble gum balls! This is one of the most unique ways to enjoy your favorite confection. Each piece features a distinctive shape and color.Our assortment includes yellow lemons, oranges, red berries and traditional smooth, round gumballs. Each presents an eye-catching color with a shiny candy shell that's delightful to taste! While they may look unusual, it isn't the appearance of Fruit Shakers bubblegum that makes them so different from other gumballs. Instead of a hollow center, each piece contains a pinch full of colorful candy dots!You get the sweet shell, followed by soft bubble gum then the added crunch of tiny candy orbs. What's even better is that our bulk Fruit Shakers bubble gum balls pack gives you large quantities so you can serve these charming treats up at birthday parties, picnics and more! Go on a flavor adventure with the original taste of Fruit Shakers bubblegum balls.

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