Fruit Stand Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct

  • $54.99

Not only do these Fruit Stand Bubble Gum Balls taste like some of your favorite fruits; they look like them, too. This great big bulk supply contains a variety of flavors, including Apple Cinnamon (light green), Strawberry (white), Lemon (yellow), Peach (orange), and Watermelon (dark green, and looks like a watermelon).These Fruit Stand Bubble Gum Balls are exploding with fruity flavor, and since they have a 1-inch diameter, they are the perfect gum for blowing bubbles. Fruit Stand Bubble Gum Balls add a fun summertime feel to an ordinary candy dish. Chewing on one of these sweet treats could curb your craving for a high-calorie snack.They are also ideal to give to someone trying to kick the nicotine habit. If you have a bubble gum machine in your business and you fill it with these, you will see few people pass by without stopping to insert a quarter.

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