Nerds Bubble Gum Balls - 21lb

Nerds Bubble Gum Balls - 21lb
  • $124.99

Create a party in your mouth with these exciting-to-eat Nerds Bubble Gum Balls! They come in an assortment of juicy fruity flavors with a vivid rainbow of colors to match.When you chew on the flavorful gumballs, you'll discover crunchy and delicious Nerds candy inside for an exciting surprise! Kids will love the double excitement of gum and Nerds with every piece. These 1-in. gumballs will fit into a gumball machine at your home or business, so use them to fill it up.Or order a bunch to pass out at school, camp or a children's party. You can even use them as decorations when you fill a bowl or candy jar with their colorful round design, or fill favor bags with them to give away at the end of your event. Their array of colors will brighten up the room. No matter what you do with them, these gumballs will make your event more fun!

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