Really Cherry Bubble Gum Balls 1-inch - 850ct

Really Cherry Bubble Gum Balls 1-inch - 850ct
  • $75.99

Of all the fruity flavors in the candy world, cherry has always been one of the most popular choices of people of all ages. If you crave the sweet, tart, and totally intense flavor of fresh picked cherries, you will absolutely love these Really Cherry Bubble Gum Balls.The name could not be more appropriate because these really do taste like cherries! The only difference is that there is no pit in the middle to hurt your teeth when you accidently bite down on it. After you eat one of these gum balls, your taste buds will crave the explosive flavor again-and-again.These Really Cherry Bubble Gum Balls have a 1-inch diameter, so they are perfect for bubble gum blowing contests. The bright color makes them a welcome addition to a candy buffet at Valentine's Day or Christmas, and if you put them in your gumball machines, folks will be lining up with quarters!

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