Bright Pink Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls - 2lb

  • $13.99

Bright pink shimmer bubble gum balls are the most eye-catching way to enjoy one of the world's most popular confections! These charming little orbs of sweetness are designed to offer big flavor as well as a presentation that's perfect for special occasions.While classic gumballs feature bright colors with a basic smooth texture, our delightful shimmer gumballs take things to another level! Each gumball is smothered in a brilliant pink hue. The smooth texture is accentuated by a glorious shimmer that covers all sides.No matter how the light hits it, these shimmering gumballs produce a stunningly elegant glimmer! They look fabulous when poured into candy dishes or apothecary jars. Use them to decorate tables at baby showers or receptions. They also make gorgeous wedding favor filler. We also carry other single-color bulk gumball packs so you can combine two or three colors to make a custom mix for events and parties!

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