Lavender Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls - 2lb

Lavender Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls - 2lb
  • $69.99

Don't be surprised if guests look at you like you are crazy when you pop one of these Lavender Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls in your mouth. They look far too pretty to be edible.But once they taste the tutti fruiti flavor for themselves, they won't be able to resist returning to the candy dish again-and-again. These Lavender Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls have a pearlescent finish, making them elegant enough for even the most sophisticated wedding.Of course, lavender is one of the most popular wedding colors, which could be why these gum balls are so popular. Fill a vase with them to use as a centerpiece for your dining room table and put them in a pretty porcelain bowl for an Easter gathering. This is a huge supply, so you will have plenty for any event you are planning.

Delicious bubble gum balls in a lavender shimmer color. Shimmer gumballs which are 1 inch in diameter. Great for decorating your event, and of course for chewing too!

SKU: ND-31077-MID-004025

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