Orange Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls - 2lb

  • $13.99

These Orange Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls are almost too pretty to eat! Once you taste their bold Tuiti Fruiti flavor though, you will have no problem biting into future ones.Not only are these Orange Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls super tasty; their 1-inch diameter makes them perfect for bubble-blowing contests. Although the flavor is delicious, it's the show exterior that truly gets rave reviews.These Orange Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls are a brilliant orange color with a pearl-like shimmer that almost looks like they were dipped in gold. They have Halloween written all over them.They are also a hit at kids' parties and spring weddings. Add them to Easter baskets, too. They will also draw quite a crowd if you fill your gumball machine with them. They are even kosher certified!

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