Yellow Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls - 2lb

Yellow Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls - 2lb
  • $69.99

When you stumble across candy that can also be used as decoration, you can't help but get excited. These pearlescent Yellow Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls look like a cross between giant pearls and balls of gold.They are perfect to use to fill a treasure chest for a pirate-themed party. You can also create a pot of gold with them for St. Patrick's Day. Yellow Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls have an elegant, expensive appeal, making them ideal for candy dishes at New Year's Eve parties and weddings. Of course, they are also a welcome addition to your bubble gum machine.Folks won't be able to resist putting a quarter in the machine as they walk by. These Yellow Shimmer Bubble Gum Balls are bursting with flavor, and with a 1 inch diameter, they offer some quality bubble blowing power, too!

Delicious bubble gum balls in a yellow shimmer color. Shimmer gumballs which are 1 inch in diameter. Great for decorating your event, and of course for chewing too!

SKU: ND-31078-MID-004026

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