Shivers Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct

Shivers Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct
  • $60.99

Shivers bubblegum balls are a fun, chewy treat that adults and kids will enjoy! Do something different with these one-of-a-kind gumballs! While other chewing gum favors purely sweet flavors, Shivers' brings something sour into the mix.Each piece is made of an orb of chewy gum with a colorful exterior coating and tongue-tingling sour flavor. Admire the many colors of Shivers bubblegum! Each gumball comes in a solid hue, ranging from orange, red and yellow to bright blue and green. It's a rainbow of fun that makes parties even more exciting!Pour them into candy jars to give to guests or use them to fill treat bags for kids at birthday parties. Shivers gumballs are also a great choice for Easter, Christmas, Halloween and any occasion that usually includes tasty confections. Our bulk Shivers bubblegum pack gives you a huge quantity that can serve many or be poured into your gumball machine!

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