Necco Candy Buttons - 24ct

  • $45.99

These yummy, fun Candy Buttons will bring back fond childhood memories! A classic candy that has remained popular generation after generation, These colorful button-shaped candies from Necco come on a long sheet of white paper and are offered in an assortment of colors. Kids love spending time peeling the Candy Buttons off of the paper and popping them in their mouths.You can give these old-fashioned, timeless candies out at your child's birthday party, on holidays, or at other special occasions like baby showers or summer picnics. Each sheet has dozens of Candy Buttons so every guest will get their fill! Delight your guests by offering a goody bag filled with sweet treats including these colorful candies or set up a candy buffet at the party and line rows of Candy Button sheets up so every guest can choose their own. The brightly colored candies will liven up any party!

SKU: ND-2101

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