Coconut Long Boys - 15lb

Coconut Long Boys - 15lb
  • $69.99

Coconut Long Boys are the lengthy candy with tons of flavor! You'll love every chewy bite once you sink your teeth into these handsome treats. Each piece includes a tube shaped length of tasty confection with a mouthwatering coconut flavor.Our Long Boys candy are individually packaged in a solid wrapper that features a nostalgic bright yellow and red design. The white ends are twisted so each piece stays fresh until you're ready to untwist it and take a bite. Bulk coconut Long Boys are a must-have for parties, picnics and other events.Educators can reward students by keeping a package on hand while families can store them in the pantry as an easy after school snack. Coconut Long Boys can also be used to fill up treat bags and favors for weddings and showers. Whether you're stuffing stockings or looking for a sweet snack to share with guests, our coconut Long Boys will be a hit!

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