Peppermint Swirl Twists - 5lb

  • $20.99

Everybody, do the twist! The Peppermint Twist that is. These powerful and fancy mints are an amazing hard candy that will leave your mouth refreshed and wanting more of the tingly minty sensation these mints provide. Swirls of red and white wind their way up this beautiful candy and give you no choice but to marvel at their lovely appearance.Individually wrapped, these tasty peppermints are great to enjoy one by one or take with you on the go! Bring some of these home to keep in your pantry and drop into hot cocoa for a tasty surprise, smash up and sprinkle on top of cookies, or enjoy after dinner. These also make a great choice for the holidays and can be set out in candy dishes or placed as decoration on gingerbread houses for a festive feel. With 350 pieces in this five pound bulk bag, your mouth with be fresh for hours and hours!

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